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****Weekdays on I 105.3****

   12am-5am: Doug Reynolds 

   5am-9:30: John Ross and "The Early Morning Show "

   9:20am: Sharon Parker with JobLine

   9:30am-10am: Over the Back Fence with Mike Rogers

   10am-2pm: Mike Rogers

   Noon-1pm: "The Mid-Day Cafe" where Mike takes your song                                 requests and plays them back for you  


   2pm-7pm: Big Dan Clark with the "Hot Five @ Five"

   7pm-12am: Doug Reynolds

   FRIDAYS 7pm-12am: Doug kicks off the Thousand Song weekend                                        with "Jukebox Radio"

***Saturdays on I 105.3*** 

​  12am-5am: Doug Reynolds

  5am-10am: Brian Fury with your "Instant Radio Show"

  10am-2pm: Big Dan Clark

  2pm-7pm: Jacob Stricker


  7pm-12am: "All Request Saturday Night" w/Diamond Jim McClain

***Sundays on I105.3***

  12am-7am: Jacob Stricker 



  7:30am-8am: The Lutheran Hour


  8:30am-9am: Kimberlin Creek Baptist Church


  9:15am-9:30am: Muscatatuck Christian Ranch

  9:30am-10am: Austin Christian Church

  10am-11am: First Baptist Church Scottsburg

  11am-Noon: Scottsburg 1st Christian Church

  Noon - 3pm: Brian Fury brings you  

                       "Southern Indiana's Top 30 Countdown"

   3pm - 6pm: Brian Fury continues to play the best in                               most country music

  6pm - 9pm: Dan Clark brings you three solid hours of

                     classics with "Country Classic Sunday Night"


9pm - 12pm: Diamond Jim McClain