$1,846,361.15 RAISED



The We Care effort began in Scott County on I 105.3 Radio (then known as Radio 101-WMPI) in 1990 with an 11 hour auction that raised just over $14,000.

Over the years, Scott County citizens have listened to the We Care Auction grow and change.  The auction has always been a vehicle to one provide warm winter clothing for the underprivileged school children of Scott County, Indiana.  We Care is staffed with hundreds of volunteers who work each year, year round to organize money raising events, fund raisers and collect items to auction during the now 30 hour auction held the first full weekend each December.  All money raised is spend only on clothing for Scott County school children.  There are no administrative fees because there are no paid employees.  The eligible school children are chosen during the school year by teachers, principals and other school district officials who compile a list and submit it to We Care.  All school districts and other children's programs lists are compiled and all the money raised is distributed accordingly.  After the yearly auction, and the wrap up auction, checks are dispensed to the proper personnel who in turn purchase what is needed to suit each individual child.  Coats, shoes, sweaters, socks, whatever they need is what the volunteers shop for.

Children is what We Care is about!

We Care is a 501 C-3 registered charity and has raised over 1.5 million dollars during it's 25 year history.

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