Pet Peeves:  Bad Drivers

Favorite Artist: LUKE BRYAN

Favorite Country Song: She stopped loving him today

​Birthday: ​January 2nd

Pet Peeves:  Rude People

Favorite New Artist:  Chris Young, Hunter Hayes

Most Admired Person:  Jesus & My Earthly Father

Crazy about:  Mayberry, baseball, funny TV

Birthday:  January 5th

Brian Fury

My story begins on June 22, born and raised in Jeffersonville, I knew early on that I would entertain people. I got into theater when I was at River Valley Middle School and continued through high school.  After graduating from Jeffersonville High School in 1986, I knew that radio was my calling.  I got my Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana State University where I was a Radio/TV/Film major.  It was in Terre Haute that I started my radio career.  ​I finally made it back home and in March 2001 I found myself on the air at I105.3, a station that I listened  to while in high school.  Now while I live for the weekends to entertain on the radio,  

Big Dan Clark

Dan Clark grew up in Sanford, ME, where he graduated from high school before moving to Indiana to attend Hanover College, where his grandfather taught French and German.  After spending a year in computer programming, Dan found his way to the Communication Department, where he quickly lost himself in the habit of picking apart movies and music to find the underlying message.  After graduating in 2008 with a major in Communication and a minor in English, Dan quickly settled in at I105.3.  When not at work, Dan likes just laying around the house, where he has being lazy down to an art form. He can generally be found watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, or pretty much anything else that doesn't require a whole lot of physical effort.

Mike Rogers

​Mike Rogers is a producer, writer, entertainer, just a regular guy!  The most fun thing for him is being a Grandpa to his thirteen grand kids!  He is married to Miss "T" or Teresa.  Mike loves to read, travel and to sing.  He appears at area Jamborees and regional events.  He writes inspirational books and loves classic movies.  And if you just don't get enough of Mike Rogers on the radio, you can join the Mike Rogers Club on Facebook!

John Ross

John Ross was born and raised in Louisville, KY. He moved to Scottsburg 25 years ago where he has been on the air at WMPI ever since.  JR describes his time here in these words, "Wow! What a ride!  We have built a powerhouse radio station that has won multiple awards, including the Indiana Broadcasters Association Station of the Year, three times!" John loves to spend time with his wife and kids. They are an awesome God fearing family that still enjoys time together. Sometimes they just sit around and watch The Andy Griffith Show. (Barney Fife still cracks them up).  JR loves meeting people who listen to his show. He finds it fun to talk with them and hear their feed back.  John loves having fun and talking, perfect for a job in radio!

Pet Peeves: Reading peoples' pet peeves
Favorite Movies: Yes
Favorite Shows: Yup, got a few of them, too

Most Admired Person: The first person to eat an egg
Birthday: Oh no, thanks...I already have one.

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Your On Air Friends

during the week I watch my daughter march with the Jeff High marching band, and take care of dealing with video game bad guys with my son...with whatever free time I have left, I look for my next great tattoo design (I currently have 7),or I kick back with a Dew, some chips and salsa, and catch up on popular TV shows (Thanks alot Netfix!) so it's safe to assume that I CANNOT live without the internet. I'm a HUGE fan of the Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly...yea, never try to get a hold of me on Mondays...or Wednesdays as I love Survivor and Arrow. Add to that college basketball and Colts Football. While some will say that I am a laid back, roll with punches kind of guy,one thing I can't stand is laziness. That should about cover it, anything else you would want to know, I'm sure the FBI has a file on me somewhere.

Pet Peeves:  Bad Drivers

Favorite Shows: Firefly, Breaking Bad

Favorite Artists: Brad Paisley, The Zac Brown Band

Favorite Country Song:  Troubadour by George Strait

​Birthday:  June 25th

Todd Richmond

Todd has been on I105.3 off and on for the past untold number of years and he's back. We call him "The Bad Penny". We could write his bio here but all you really have to do is listen to his show weeknights from 7 to midnight and find out more than you ever wanted to know about him because he pretty much spends his whole show talking about himself. Not that what he says is compelling (because it's not), but it beats typing out the 86 pages he gave us to post on this website. You'll notice in the picture he is staring at his favorite person. 

Of course, we are just joking about Todd. In truth, he is a warm, wonderful, caring, humble, giving person...and if you don't believe that, just ask him.