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Pet Peeves: Bad Drivers

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad or What We Do In The Shadows

Favorite Country Artist(s): Zac Brown Band or Don Williams

Favorite Movie​The Dark Knight or Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

​Birthday:  June 25th

Pet Peeves:  Rude People, Bad Drivers, Two Faced People

Favorite TV Show: The Andy Griffith Show

Favorite Country Artist(s):  Conway Twitty, George Strait

Favorite Movie(s): Shawshank Redemption, Field of Dreams,

                                   National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 

Birthday:  January 5th

Brian Fury

Brian's story begins on June 22, where he was born and raised in Jeffersonville.  He knew early on that he would entertain people.  He got into theater when he was at River Valley Middle School and continued through high school.  After graduating from Jeffersonville High School in 1986, he knew that radio was his calling.  He got his Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana State University where he was a Radio/TV/Film major.  It was in Terre Haute that he started his radio career.  ​He finally made it back home and in March 2001, where he found himself on the air at I105.3, a station that he listened to while in high school. Now he lives for the weekends to entertain on the radio.

Big Dan Clark

Dan Clark grew up in Sanford, ME, where he graduated from high school before moving to Indiana to attend Hanover College, where he met his wife, Meghin.  After graduating in 2008 with a major in Communication and a minor in English, Dan quickly settled in at I 105.3.  When not at the radio station, Dan enjoys watching movies, playing video games and playing with his dog, Tali.  He's a huge Star Wars fan, enjoys reading (especially the comics of Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman) and listening to music (both Country and Classic Rock). 

Mike Rogers

​Mike Rogers is a least in his own mind anyways!  He's a great singer and a fantastic Grandpa.  He has lived in Southern Indiana for over 40 years and is married to Teresa or Miss "T" for short.  He loves music, great friends and reading.  He believes all is possible - it can be done and don't quit! 

John Ross

John Ross was born and raised in Louisville, KY.  He moved to Scottsburg 35 years ago where he has been on the air at WMPI ever since.  JR describes his time here in these words, "Wow! What a ride!  We have built a powerhouse radio station that has won multiple awards, including the Indiana Broadcasters Association Station of the Year, three times!" John loves to spend time with his wife and kids. They are an awesome God fearing family that still enjoys time together. Sometimes they just sit around and watch The Andy Griffith Show. (Barney Fife still cracks them up).  JR loves meeting people who listen to his show. He finds it fun to talk with them and hear their feed back.  John loves having fun and talking, perfect for a job in radio!  He loves his community and says we have some of the greatest people on Earth living right here in Scottsburg!

Pet Peeves: Slower Drivers
Favorite TV Show: The Mandolorian
Favorite Country Artist(s): Johnny Cash

Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings
Birthday: December 3rd 

Pet Peeves: Talking about myself
Favorite TV Show: The Voice, Survivor, Young Sheldon
Favorite Country Artist(s): Alabama and Exile

Favorite Movie: Original Star Wars Trilogy
Birthday: June 22nd

Brian Rich

After a terrible college semester studying Engineering, Brian learned he was NOT mechanically inclined.  So he changed his college major to Broadcasting and was never happier in his decision.  Brian Rich's career at I 105.3 began in the news department, providing Southern Indiana the important information they needed to start their day.  Brian has since moved on to hosting the late night show on Sunday, where he loves to play the best and most country music and make his night owl listeners smile.

Pet Peeves: Bad Drivers
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Favorite Country Artist(s): Johnny Cash

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Birthday: August 18th

Your On Air Friends

Pet Peeves: People who don't believe his bio
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek
Favorite Country Artist(s): Englebert Humperdinck

Favorite Movie: The Ghost & Mr. Chicken
Birthday: December 4th

Pet Peeves:  Chicken Soup: they don't eat it!
Favorite TV Show: The Neighborhood
Favorite Country Artist(s): Brad Paisley
Favorite Movie(s): Independence Day
​Birthday: January 2nd

Todd Richmond

Todd Richmond, evenings on I 105.3, was born to two people with very different backgrounds.  His father was a well-respected diplomat while his mother was a teacher.  Their cultural differences made life difficult for young Todd, but as he grew, he came to adopt the philosophies of his father's heritage.  Nonetheless, he chose to devote his career to radio, despite his father's objections.  He rose thru the ranks of the broadcasting industry eventually becoming a vital individual in radio's top station of the fleet, "FCC-105.3", WMPI.  As the station's "First Officer", he is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the 7pm - 12am show using logic without emotion to provide the best and most country.  When he is not engaged in working, he spends his time meditating and playing his vulcan lyre or exercising his mind on 3-dimensional chess.

Jacob Stricker

Jacob, "Jake", was born on August 18, 1998.  He graduated from New Washington High School and is currently attending Hanover College as a Computer Science major.  His hobbies include playing video games, playing guitar and watching movies.